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How To Cut The Wrap - Avant-Garde Haircut Tutorial

With Stacey Broughton
Duration57 minutes
Skill levelAdvanced
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Stacey Broughton’s avant-garde haircut, The Wrap is a radical and progressive shape for the more confident and experienced stylist, bringing together a variety of techniques and disciplines to create a truly unique and inspirational haircut. Stacey visualized a shape in which the hair wraps around to one side and gives the illusion of being pinned. To achieve this he uses the combination of a graduated line in the fringe moving over an undercut section; with the fall of the disconnected area in the back worked into a one-length stepped edge. The result a multifaceted balance of shape and line.

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Technical skills

  • Clippers-Over-Comb
  • Disconnection
  • Freehand
  • Graduation
  • Layering
  • Over-Direction
  • Point Cutting
  • Scissors-Over-Comb
  • Square Layering
  • Triangular Lines


Contributor: Stacey Broughton
Model: Mary
Make-Up Artist: Clayre Sodeau
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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