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Pure Veil 2 - Sliced Highlights

With Charmaine Piche
Duration23 minutes
Skill levelIntermediate


Charmaine Piche’s colouring tutorial is a soft more salon friendly version of her Pure Veil 1 colour technique, using slicing techniques to enhance colour placement in the fringe. Charmaine also incorporates weaving techniques in order to avoid hard lines in the crown. She begins with a high lift tint to place her base colour and employs a similar sectioning pattern as Pure Veil 1 by creating a V-shaped section in the fringe area, which incorporates the front hairline.

The final result is a diffused blend of copper tones providing a harmonious equilibrium between bone structure, skin tone and hair shape.

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Technical skills

  • Back-to-back foil technique
  • Colour placement sectioning
  • Foil patterns
  • Foil placement
  • Permanent colour
  • Pre-lightening
  • Roots / regrowth to ends application
  • Slice technique
  • Weaving technique


Contributor: Charmaine Piche
Model: Ursula
Make-Up Artist: Louisa Inchenko
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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