How to pin curl

With Callam Warrington
Duration10 minutes
Skill levelFoundation


Grasp how to pin curl for volume and flat-movement in this foundation MHD setting video tutorial with salon owner and freelance hair artist Callam Warrington. Originally barrel curls and pin curls were used to enhance permed hair or naturally curly hair. This tutorial applies curls to a permed block for a typical but modern result. The key element to a successfully dressed look is the amount of curl and its placement, taking into account the existing shape and length of the haircut. A supporting shape needs to be in existence for a successful outcome. This shape can be internal or external.

Members can also download our Pin Curling with Volume and Flat Movement step-by-step guide and head sheet sectioning pdf.

Technical skills

  • Back-brushing
  • Back-combing
  • Barrel curls
  • Brush use
  • Creating curl
  • Creating movement
  • Dressing hair
  • Pin curling
  • Pin curling to give flat-movement
  • Pin curling to give volume
  • Sectioning


Contributor: Callam Warrington
Model: Ginger
Make-Up Artist: Melissa Bourne
Photographer: Andrew Gilbert

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