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Men's Basic Layer With Freehand Finish Video Tutorial

With Dale Ted Watkins
Duration36 minutes
Skill levelFoundation


Dale Ted Watkins' men’s haircutting video teaches a basic grounding in the underlying principles of men’s hairdressing and barbering. Dale begins by adding the shape and structure using a basic layering technique. Men's hair is based around a square shape to emphasise masculinity. Because the perimeter areas are typically weaker and rounder, Dale uses slight elevation to strengthen the corners. Once the overall shape of the haircut is formed, Dale uses freehand cutting techniques to refine and add texture to the hair. Dale's bespoke ethos to hair ensures the hair is tailored to fit the client's individual head shapes, as well as awareness of the client's own personal style.

Members can also read our step by step guide to this men's basic layer with freehand finish.

Technical skills

  • Barbering
  • Blunt cutting
  • Club cutting
  • Elevation
  • Finger position
  • Freehand
  • Layering
  • Over-direction
  • Square layering


Contributor: Dale Ted Watkins
Model: Tom
Make-Up Artist: Louisa Inchenko
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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