Colour Correction 3 - Lightening Dark Hair Colour
With Tracy Hayes
Duration18 minutes
Skill levelAdvanced
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Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial tackles a common colour correction problem - heavily tinted black on hair with a very small re-growth and the client wanting to go for a much softer velvety brown. This tutorial guides you through the bleach foil process to pre-lighten the hair, then how to apply a base colour to blend and fuse the colours together. Note: This tutorial should be used in association with Parts 1, 2 and 4 which cover pre-pigmentation, grey hair with faded tints on the ends and grown out bleach with a large area of regrowth. For these colour techniques we will be using a training that many colour houses also use to teach their own students. The block has been broken up into four segments. On each segment we demonstrate a different technique for colour correction.

Technical skills

  • Bleaching / Lightener
  • Block Colour
  • Colour Placement Sectioning
  • Pre-lightening
  • Removing Artificial Colour on a Full Head
  • Restoring Depth and Tone
  • Roots / Regrowth to Ends Application
  • | Permanent Colour


Contributor: Tracy Hayes
Model: N/A
Make-Up Artist: N/A
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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