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Advanced Perm Technique Tutorial Video

With Charmaine Piche
Duration26 minutes
Skill levelAdvanced


Charmaine Piche’s advanced creative colouring tutorial begins with nine sections dividing the head. A traditional perm technique is started in the nape area. Charmaine takes five sections in the mid area, back and sides and employs a stack perm and double wind technique. The top is then divided into two triangle sections either side of the parting which is then permed using setting rollers.

Following consultation with Stacey Broughton, Charmaine uses a variety of sizes and techniques to accommodate shape and texture to provide an appropriate technical response to the requirements of shape and texture of the final haircut.

Watch the accompanying haircut video tutorial here.

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Technical skills

  • Perm technique


Contributor: Charmaine Piche
Model: Rino
Make-Up Artist: Louisa Inchenko
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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