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The Weller Mod Haircut Step By Step Video

Stacey Broughton’s haircut is a sweet modernist carved shape, influenced by 60s and 80s mod culture.

Reverse Long Graduated Haircut

Mark Smith demonstrates a reverse long graduated haircut. This is a simple layered look - commercial, accessible and youthful in essence.

Round Layering Haircut With Rectangular Disconnection Tutorial

Johnny Othona's tutorial is a commercial round layered technique, with rectangular disconnection placed on the parting to give a drop balance of length sweeping around the curved fringe.

Cutting A Round Layered Shape Tutorial

Johnny Othona's haircut is a shape incorporating round layering and rectangular disconnection. This is the second of two haircuts from the Allilon Aces collection

How To Do A Combination Of One Length, Graduation & Layering

Alexander Dinter demonstrates a creative haircut featuring a combination of one length, graduation and layering with advice on hair quality, choice of technique, positioning of layering, methodology and suitability

Commercial Long Layered Haircut Tutorial

Stacey Broughton's tutorial is a commercial long layered technique. Stacey shows two finished outcomes - a commercial finish and a stronger creative finish.

How To Do A Long Graduated Haircut With Fringe

Mark Smith’s long graduated haircut with low fringe is a backbone technique and a foundation to many varied looks.

How To Do A Short Square Layered Haircut

Stacey Broughton's tutorial is a short square layer. This technique teaches you how to place a square layered shape utilising corner placement.

How To Cut A Long Uniform Layer Haircut

Stacey Broughton's haircut is a simple pure and even shape using a classic long uniform layered technique.

Long Increased Layer Haircut Tutorial

Tracey Hughes’ haircut is a long increased layered shape, building weight on the interior with soft layers through the exterior.