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Tim Hartley

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Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley’s early love for music and fashion, and his naturally rebellious nature first drew him to hairdressing in the early 1970’s. As part of the team at Vidal Sassoon his star quickly rose reaching the position of International Creative Director. In his 35 years with the company he covered every aspect of the business, from the salon floor to teaching and working on shows and shoots and worked closely with Vidal Sassoon himself. Now freelance, Tim Hartley's creativity is newly invigorated and he’s free to fully explore new directions and unfettered levels of artistic freedom. Tim’s intuitive feel for fashion and his eye for trends keeps him ahead of the game, and his international acclaim and popularity at shows are unparalleled. 

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Step By Step Guide To Men's Flat Graduation Haircut Video

34 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Tim Hartley’s men's haircutting tutorial is a flat graduated shape with a tight hairline and strong fringe. Tim provides essential pointers on the positioning of a graduated guide, over-direction, blending, tapering and working suitably with growth patterns.

How To Cut A Round Concave Layer With Disconnection Haircut

31 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Tim Hartley's haircut works with the natural texture and a high internal layered shape first, before working with his outlines to enhance the contours of his models face.

Mid-Length Round Graduation

18 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Tim Hartley’s hair cutting tutorial demonstrates a multi-textured shape, with a graduated A-line perimeter and loose layers.

How To Do A Three Tier Disconnection Haircut Video Tutorial

20 minutesCategory: Advanced Training Videos

Tim Hartley’s tutorial demonstrates three tiers of technique and disconnection, featuring pointers on position of graduation, fading, disconnection and balance between extreme lengths.

Long Layer Variation With A-Line Outline And Lip-Line Fringe

24 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Tim Hartley’s haircut tutorial incorporates a bold fringe element running from the lip line towards the ears on both sides to achieve a simple modern urban silhouette.

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