Sharon Blain

Sharon Blain

Learn how to style hair with Australian icon Sharon Blain. Watch her online hairdressing training videos exclusively on MHD.


Sharon Blain

Rarely can a hairstylist claim credit for such a wide range of competition achievements as Sharon Blain, the iconic Australian hairdresser and educator. She is recognised for her exceptional creativity through stunning photographic imagery that has been published worldwide and captured the hearts of her students globally as a respected educator and mentor. She has developed a range of educational resources including long hair books and DVDs and hair padding which are used as training tools in colleges and academies worldwide. Sharon Blain’s Boot Camp has been hailed as the best value and most comprehensive short course offered in the world today and has attracted leading international platform educators, Hollywood celebrity stylists, Europe's leading creative teams, a top American TV celebrity's hairdresser as well as the best bridal, make-up and session stylists in the business.

training videos by Sharon Blain

How To Do A Chignon Back Bun Hair Tutorial

24 minutesCategory: Bridal and Prom Hair Tutorial Videos

Sharon Blain’s dressing tutorial demonstrates the process of constructing and placing a classic back bun.

Braid Variations Chignon

25 minutesCategory: Bridal and Prom Hair Tutorial Videos

Sharon Blain's tutorial demonstrates a variety of foundation braids that have been combined to create a complete look.

How To Do A Reverse Pin Curls Hairstyle Step By Step

25 minutesCategory: Style And Finish Hair Tutorial Videos

Sharon Blain's dressing tutorial is a classic reverse pin curl set. This technique teaches the direction of flat wave placement when considering natural partings and hair length.

Chignon Bun Hair Tutorial

41 secondsCategory: Bridal and Prom Hair Tutorial Videos

Sharon Blain demonstrates the method and placement of a front bun with a chignon base.

Figure Of 8 Braid Updo With Cord Stitching Tutorial

20 minutesCategory: Bridal and Prom Hair Tutorial Videos

Sharon Blain's tutorial is a figure of 8 braid with a pull thread technique; a quick salon technique with a youthful style for formals, bridals and proms.

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