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Charmaine Piche

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Charmaine Piche

Charmaine Piche’s mother was a dancer in the Japanese Ballet, and her father is the respected sculptor and teacher Roland Piche, who worked with Henry Moore and has had many successful solo shows. She chose hairdressing as a career and studied at Vidal Sassoon. For fifteen years with the company she travelled doing shows, workshops and seminars, eventually becoming Head of Department at the Beverly Hills branch. She started Saco as Creative Director with Richard Ashforth focused on developing new ideas and growing the business as well as travelling to shows in Paris, London and Brazil. Charmaine also collaborated with Richard on the annual collections and DVD series. Charmaine is now a Colour Ambassador for Affinage and a freelance technician based in central London where she runs private colour courses from the salon Simplicity Remastered. In partnership with Jazz Fosker, she holds workshops and seminars regularly around Europe and Russia.

training videos by Charmaine Piche

How To Do A Men's Shine Line Tutorial

14 minutesCategory: Fashion Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Charmaine Piche’s men’s hair colouring tutorial is a simple men's shine line, featuring pointers on colour placement, pre-lightening, tone and cleanliness of application

How To Do A Gradient Hair Colour

13 minutesCategory: Avant-Garde Hair Tutorial Videos

Charmaine Piche’s tutorial guides you through a graduated colour technique using back to back slices to create a gradient of colour from dark to light.

Correcting Highlights Step by Step

21 minutesCategory: Hair Colour Correction Tutorial Videos

Charmaine Piche’s tutorial covers the basics of correcting highlights. Charmaine performs this technique on half the head. This can also be performed on a whole head with different sectioning.

How To Do A Two Tone Blonde Colour Application

24 minutesCategory: Blonde Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Charmaine Piche demonstrates a two-tone blonde application with highlights. This tutorial features pointers on sectioning, colour choice and highlight placement.

How To Do A Basic Light Tint Application

20 minutesCategory: Basic Hair Colouring Tutorial Videos

Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial is a basic light root tint application for brilliant cool summer blonde tones.

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