Long Graduation Haircut Tutorials

5 training videos

How To Do A Long Graduation Haircut With Low Fringe

29 minutes

Graham Oglesby's haircut is a long graduated shape starting with a controlled square outline below the shoulders.

Long Graduation Haircut With Pivoting Sections Tutorial

29 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircut is a long graduation giving way to vibrant and sensual curls.

The Shake Haircut

22 minutes

Graham Oglesby's haircut a high status fashion classic - chic , sultry and confident in nature this versatile layered look is low maintenance and timeless.

How To Do A Long Graduated Haircut With Fringe

24 minutes

Mark Smith’s long graduated haircut with low fringe is a backbone technique and a foundation to many varied looks.

Reverse Long Graduated Haircut

13 minutes

Mark Smith demonstrates a reverse long graduated haircut. This is a simple layered look - commercial, accessible and youthful in essence.