Styling & Dressing Video Lectures

7 training videos

How to perform a consultation for styling and dressing services

3 minutes

Learn how to dress and style hair with former Vidal Sassoon Creative Director Callam Warrington

What To Consider When Styling And Dressing Hair

11 minutes

Eugene Davis’ lecture covers the five areas to consider when styling and dressing hair from different classifications and in particular very curly hair, including consultation, science, preparation and tools, choice of styling methods and aftercare.

Styling products and their uses tutorial

14 minutes

Become aware of the various types of styling products available on the market and their uses in this foundation MHD styling and dressing hair tutorial.

How to add ornamentation

3 minutes

Familiarise yourself with how to use ornamentation and present your ideas in this foundation MHD styling and dressing video tutorial.

How To Use Thread For Styling Hair

26 minutes

X-presion's tutorial demonstrates the use of an anti-skid thread unique to X-presion, developed by the company for session work.