Braids, Plaits & Woven Techniques

4 training videos

Rope Braid With Accessories Tutorial

16 minutes

Stelios Chondros’ dressing hair tutorial demonstrates a modern tong technique and rope braid with accessories with pointers on sectioning and direction of tong, braiding with ribbon, net positioning and team coordination.

How to perform a classic off-scalp plait

5 minutes

Familiarize yourself with how to perform a classic off-scalp plait or braid in this foundation MHD styling and dressing video step-by-step featuring Sharon Blain.

How to create a vertical braid

10 minutes

Discover how to create a vertical braid with Michelle Thompson in this foundation MHD plaiting and hair extension tutorial.

How to perform woven effects

14 minutes

Explore how to perform woven effects when styling and dressing hair, such as a basket weave, in this foundation MHD video tutorial.