Copper Toned Colouring Videos

9 training videos

Marmalade To Orange Blend Hairstyle Tutorial Video

12 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial is a seamless toned blend between a rich smooth marmalade with the fringe areas tipped in a velvet orange.

Hair Colour Correction With Red Orange Tones

26 minutes

Bruno Elorrioroz’s hair colouring tutorial begins by removing all-over colour using back to back sections before applying a deep red orange all-over base colour.
The final result is a dark blonde with a rich red/orange tone to perfectly complement Charlotte's skin tone and eye colour.

The Graduate - Multi-tonal Colour

14 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colouring tutorial incorporates a panelled block tint with a pre-lightened V-section of vivid magenta colour with a vibrant copper base colour to enhance and excite curls.

Freehand Colour Placement Tutorial Video

28 minutes

Josh Wood’s creative colouring tutorial demonstrates freehand colour placement with carefully placed melded warm tones.

Hello Halo Hair Colouring Tutorial

6 minutes

Bee Dixon's creative colouring tutorial balances a delicate flickering play between lighter and darker tones set against a fiery gold base colour.