Left-Handed Styling and Dressing

10 training videos

How To Do A Mid Length Layered Blow Dry

21 minutes

Graham Oglesby demonstrates a number of blow drying techniques including wrap drying to remove moisture; building the supporting shape in the outline; and smoothing down the cuticle throughout the internal shape with various sizes of round brushes

How To Do A Reverse Pin Curls Hairstyle Step By Step

25 minutes

Sharon Blain's dressing tutorial is a classic reverse pin curl set. This technique teaches the direction of flat wave placement when considering natural partings and hair length.

Chignon Bun Hair Tutorial

41 seconds

Sharon Blain demonstrates the method and placement of a front bun with a chignon base.

How To Do A Chignon Back Bun Hair Tutorial

24 minutes

Sharon Blain’s dressing tutorial demonstrates the process of constructing and placing a classic back bun.

French Roll Hair Styling Tutorial

26 minutes

Sharon Blain’s tutorial demonstrates a basic French roll technique with a defined, suave silhouette