Classic Woven and Slicing Tutorials

8 training videos

How To Do Full Head Highlights

33 minutes

Andreas Kurkowitz's colouring tutorial is a basic full set of highlights. This fundamental technique will teach you the correct sectioning patterns for a parting area, finger and body positioning and foil placement.

The Grand - Blonde Hair Colouring Video

39 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s creative colour tutorial is laced with a classic slicing technique, teaching salon practicality and grounding.

How To Do Classic Foil Highlights

29 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial features a classic foil highlighting technique

Fine Detailed Slicing With A Herringbone Technique

28 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's colouring tutorial demonstrates a fine detailed slicing using a herringbone technique and autumnal colours

How To Do Half Head Foils/Lowlights On Men's Hair

36 minutes

Christiano Lanza demonstrates men's hair colouring with a half head of foils using a double herringbone foiling technique and an application of toner.