Short Graduated Head Block Tutorials

4 training videos

How To Do A Graduated Bob Haircut Tutorial

44 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s head block haircut tutorial is the graduated bob - a vital part of any hairdressing training

How To Cut A Triangular Graduated Bob Haircut

40 minutes

Stacey Broughton's tutorial is a classic pure technique combining one-length, graduation and over-direction.

Master Graduation With The Firefly

38 minutes

Stacey Broughton's head block haircut tutorial demonstrates a pure firefly technique. This technique teaches how to build graduation from the front hairline through to the back.

Learn How To Cut The Halo Video Tutorial

53 minutes

Stacey Broughton's head block haircut is the Halo, a pure technique starting in the nape area using curved sectioning up towards the ear.