Hair Service Classes

8 training videos

Tutorial on the main hairdressing services and beauty treatments

4 minutes

Learn about the leading beauty, hairdressing and barbering salon treatments in this foundation MHD video tutorial.

Factors to consider when performing hair services

6 minutes

Become aware of the three areas you need to consider when discussing and choosing a hairstyle during a consultation in this foundation MHD video with Paul Phillips.

Preparation of work areas and tools and equipment for hair services

6 minutes

In this lesson, you will learn how to follow health and safety procedures when preparing your tools and equipment and disposing of waste. As part of your role, you will identify how to set up a regular routine when preparing your work areas, tools and equipment to guarantee high standards.

Client preparation for hair services

4 minutes

Thorough preparation is crucial to timekeeping, maintaining a professional image and environment and keeping you and your clients healthy. In this tutorial, you will learn about the preparation you need to implement before carrying out hair services.

What To Consider When Styling And Dressing Hair

11 minutes

Eugene Davis’ lecture covers the five areas to consider when styling and dressing hair from different classifications and in particular very curly hair, including consultation, science, preparation and tools, choice of styling methods and aftercare.