Setting Hair Tutorials

10 training videos

Wet Brickwork Set Step By Step

24 minutes

Roy Hayward's tutorial is a classic brickwork wet set to produce beautiful editorial hair.

Wet Directional Set Tutorial

20 minutes

Roy Hayward's tutorial demonstrates a classic wet directional set, a traditional technique reinvented for modern high drama.

Chelsea Blowdry Step By Step

20 minutes

John Vial’s hair styling tutorial is an editorial romantic look reflective of Anouk Aimee, muse to Helmet Newton.

How To Do A Two Strand Twist On African Type 4 Hair

23 minutes

Eugene Davis’ dressing tutorial demonstrates a double strand twist on African Type 4 hair. Eugene provides pointers on hair preparation, even sectioning, consistent and appropriate tension, product use and aftercare.

How to perform a wrap set

16 minutes

Learn how to perform a wrap set on African type hair in this foundation MHD tutorial with Eugene Davis