Hair & Skin Science Classes

8 training videos

Basic structure of the hair video tutorial

2 minutes

Learn about the basic structure of the hair in this foundation MHD video tutorial. By exploring the 3 areas of the structure of the hair you will optimise your understanding of consultancy skills, product choice and technique choice.

Basic structure of the skin video tutorial

3 minutes

Develop your understanding of the three primary layers of the skin and their functions in this foundation MHD video tutorial. This knowledge will help you deliver the best possible service to your clients.

Hair Types and Hair Classification

9 minutes

This lecture is an introduction to hair classifications and characteristics and forms part of the essential knowledge for all hair services.

Lecture on hair and scalp types

3 minutes

Learn about hair and scalp types with Paul Phillips in this foundation MHD tutorial.

Hair Science - Structure & Growth Cycle

11 minutes

Tracy Hayes' Hair Science Lecture series begins with an in-depth look at the structure and growth cycle of hair. In this video, Tracy focuses on the the biological structure of hair and its properties.