Foundation Updo Tutorials

8 training videos

How To Do A Simple Cheat Pleat

19 minutes

Callam Warrington demonstrates a simple and easy technique to achieve a pleat in his hairdressing video tutorial.

Two Strand Twist Updo

14 minutes

Vic Picolotto’s tutorial is an essential styling method for any catwalk repertoire, demonstrating a two strand twist dressing

How To Do An Editorial Twist Hairstyle

14 minutes

Callam Warrington's tutorial is a twist incorporated into a trend led editorial look

Chignon Bun Hair Tutorial

41 seconds

Sharon Blain demonstrates the method and placement of a front bun with a chignon base.

How To Do A Chignon Back Bun Hair Tutorial

24 minutes

Sharon Blain’s dressing tutorial demonstrates the process of constructing and placing a classic back bun.