Blow Drying Video Tutorials

10 training videos

Diffusing Curly Hair Blow Drying Tutorial

14 minutes

Callam Warrington’s blow drying tutorial demonstrates how to use a diffuser on curly hair.

How to finger dry hair

3 minutes

Explore how to finger dry hair in this foundation MHD blow-drying video tutorial featuring Mazella&Palmer, Stacey Broughton and Graham Oglesby

How To Do A Round Brush Blow Dry

8 minutes

Callam Warrington’s tutorial focuses on a round brush blow dry technique for an even, shiny finish

Texture To Straight Blow Dry Tutorial Video

28 minutes

Snowden Hill's tutorial demonstrates a classic curly to straight blow dry featuring pointers on product use, tension, direction and finish.

Long Straight To Wavy Blow Dry Tutorial

29 minutes

Snowden Hill's blow dry tutorial demonstrates a straight to wavy blow dry featuring pointers on product use, tension, smooth defined curls and backcombing.