Back-bar Service Classes

5 training videos

How to Shampoo Hair

19 minutes

This tutorial teaches you how to carry out a shampoo and conditioning service and apply massage techniques.

Video tutorial on how to treat the scalp

11 minutes

Understand the options and products available for providing scalp treatment services in this foundation MHD back bar video tutorial featuring freelance technical educator and salon owner Charmain Piche.

Video tutorial on how to treat the hair

5 minutes

Familiarize yourself with the types of products, techniques and tools used when providing services to treat your client's hair in this foundation MHD back bar service video tutorial.

How to remove hair colour from the hair and scalp

9 minutes

This foundation MHD colouring tutorial guides you through the basics of removing residue colour following a colour treatment. Once processed it is essential that the product is thoroughly removed from the hair and scalp to avoid damage and possible legal action.

Scalp massage with gyratory massagers

18 minutes

Explore how to provide supplementary scalp massage services using gyratory massagers or audio sonic machines in our essential MHD back-bar service tutorial with Angela Sawecki.