Long Curly Haircut Tutorials

4 training videos

The Shake Haircut

22 minutes

Graham Oglesby's haircut a high status fashion classic - chic , sultry and confident in nature this versatile layered look is low maintenance and timeless.

How To Cut The Long Shake - Round, Layered Haircut

40 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s head block haircut is a long shake. This tutorial demonstrates how to incorporate a round, layered shape keeping length through the perimeter using elevation and over-direction.

The Channel Haircut for Natural Curl

18 minutes

Lee Stafford’s haircutting video is The Channel, an amazing technique for curly hair.

Soft Textured Multi Level Layer

28 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's tutorial uses four areas of sectioning, each of which builds to create a soft multi level look.