Brunette Weaving & Slicing Videos

6 training videos

Creative Weave Hair Colour And Base Application Tutorial

29 minutes

Christiano Lanza's colouring tutorial is a salon friendly base colour and foil application of luxurious browns.

Fine Detailed Slicing With A Herringbone Technique

28 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's colouring tutorial demonstrates a fine detailed slicing using a herringbone technique and autumnal colours

Circular Sections With Graduated Colour Tutorial

25 minutes

Tracey Sarno’s hair colouring tutorial works with the movement and over-directed graduation of Graham Oglesby’s haircut with simple circular sections.

How To Do A Fast Fix Hidden Hair Colour

7 minutes

Charmaine Piche demonstrates a quick fix, salon friendly technique as an introduction to colour for the client who would like to add a little interest and includes advice on colour palette, placement and texture.

How To Do Half Head Foils/Lowlights On Men's Hair

36 minutes

Christiano Lanza demonstrates men's hair colouring with a half head of foils using a double herringbone foiling technique and an application of toner.