Brunette Block Hair Colour Tutorials

11 training videos

How To Do A Herringbone Block Colouring Variation

18 minutes

Claus Hagenhoff’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a Herringbone Block Colouring Variation. Within the video Claus provides valuable pointers on sectioning, close levels and contrasting tones. The final result is divergent shades of mahogany and violet browns for a two tone outcome with a subtle interplay to create space and texture in the haircut.

Soft Velvet Hair Colouring Video

22 minutes

Charmaine Piche's tutorial uses three alternating close complimentary colours for a luxurious velvet-like finish.

How To Do A Fluid Hair Colour With Petrol Tones

31 minutes

Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial achieves an understated array of petrol tones imparting subtle glints to the textured tendrils of Stacey Broughton's cut.

The Widget Reversible Wrap Hair Colour

19 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colour tutorial is a reversible wrap mixing pitch black, midtone browns, and a translucent ruby tone.

The Lawrence - Men's Block Colour With Sliced Feature Video

19 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ men’s colour is a salute to masculinity, embracing cooler tones of matt ash brown and slate grey.