Layered Bob Haircut Tutorials

6 training videos

Low Layered Bob Haircut Tutorial Video

20 minutes

Bastian Casaretto demonstrates a low layered bob haircut and provides essential tips on outline shape, over-direction, internal layering and fringe placement.

Graduated Concave Layered Long Bob Haircut Tutorial Video

34 minutes

Bastian Casaretto demonstrates how to cut a beautiful graduated concave long bob haircut.

Internal Layered Bob Tutorial

33 minutes

Bastian Casaretto's internal layered bob haircut tutorial starts this simple salon friendly shape in the internal crown area. The result is a salon friendly shape combining elements of layering, graduation and over-direction to create a strong internal head shape.

Disconnected Layered Bob Tutorial Video

31 minutes

Michael Cohen’s hairdressing tutorial demonstrates a disconnected layered bob haircut and provides pointers on one length, graduation, and disconnection.

How To Do A Mid-Length Safety Razor Haircut Tutorial

23 minutes

Manfred Knol’s haircutting tutorial is a women’s mid-length safety razor cut and features useful information on body position, sectioning, razor movement and texturising.