Creative Short Haircut Techniques

6 training videos

How to Cut a Feminine Rock 'n' Roll Quiff

26 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s advanced haircut is inspired by teenage angst and rebellion.

Graduated Shape With Hidden Reducing Layering Tutorial

36 minutes

Mazella&Palmer’s tutorial uses a combination of layering, graduation and disconnection to create a short bespoke graduated shape.

Short Combination of Graduation, Layering and Disconnection

31 minutes

Alexander Dinter's tutorial is a short symmetric haircut with graduation through the back and layering through the top.

How To Do A Graduated Layered Three Shape Combination Tutorial

33 minutes

Bastian Casaretto's haircut is a salon friendly graduated shape which places the graduation through the back first allowing the freedom to choose the shape through the sides accordingly and give more versatility to the positioning of shapes throughout the head.

Peggy Moffitt Inspired Internal Asymmetric Shape Video Tutorial

34 minutes

Graham Oglesby’s tutorial features pointers on over-direction, disconnection, internal asymmetry and external balance.