Advanced Creative Updo Videos

6 training videos

First Form by X-presion

22 minutes

X-presion's tutorial is an innovative, pioneering form using an X-presion structure, developed by the company.

Second Form Hairstyle by X-presion

22 minutes

X-presion demonstrate the placement and dressing of a sculptural form using the company's own bespoke padded cylinders and anti-skid threads.

How To Do A Feminine Flat Top Hairstyle

22 minutes

Ilham Mestour's tutorial is a feminine flat top dressing utilizing two textures for a modern take on a classic shape.

Figure Of Eight Tong & French Pleat Video Tutorial

34 minutes

James Rowe’s double dressing hair tutorial creates two stunning catwalk looks, with techniques that can be adapted for a variety of uses and events. James begins with a beautiful, timeless curl using figure-of-eight tonging techniques. This is followed by a stunning shape incorporating a double french pleat.

How To Do A Rick Rack Technique On A Wig

32 minutes

John Vial's avant-garde hairdressing tutorial demonstrates an avant-garde fashion hairstyle using a rick rack technique on a wig.