Short Round Layer Tutorials

5 training videos

How To Do A Round Textured Layered Haircut

21 minutes

Michael Cohen’s haircutting tutorial features a round textured layer and offers pointers on round layering, balance of internal shape, softening and finishing techniques and suitability.

The Townhouse Three-Tiered Haircut

28 minutes

Lee Stafford’s hairdressing tutorial is a three-tiered clever but simple layering technique that's a proven salon winner.

How To Do A Round Layer Variation Haircut

28 minutes

Bastian Casaretto’s round layer haircut begins with a clean A-line outline cut on the skin, before he graduates the outline using elevation to start the internal shape.

How To Cut The Horn Hairstyle Video Tutorial

28 minutes

Lee Stafford’s women's short hairstyle is a tri-level shape solid on the outline, with round and square internal layers.

Cutting A Round Layered Shape Tutorial

39 minutes

Johnny Othona's haircut is a shape incorporating round layering and rectangular disconnection. This is the second of two haircuts from the Allilon Aces collection