Short Round Graduation Tutorials

9 training videos

Short Round Graduated Haircut Variation

33 minutes

Bastian Casaretto’s short round graduated haircut variation begins a round graduated technique in the back area starting from behind the ears with diagonal sections

Graduated Bias Haircut Tutorial Video

31 minutes

Graham Oglesby's tutorial is a simple graduated shape with a bias disconnection.

Flat Graduation With Disconnection On Afro Caribbean Hair

28 minutes

Tim Hartley's a demonstrates flat graduation with disconnection haircut, featuring pointers on blending natural and relaxed textures, weight lines, maximising internal lengths and creating even short graduation

Low Graduation With Freehand On Type 4 Hair Video Tutorial

22 minutes

Tim Hartley’s tutorial demonstrates a low graduated haircut with a freehand technique on type 4 African hair. Tim provides in-depth information on the importance of the internal structure, suitability and using the correct tension.

How to Cut a Firefly Abstraction Haircut for Short Hair Tutorial

27 minutes

Tim Hartley's haircut is a shorter interpretation of the classic firefly abstraction, with a defining bowed fringe.