Redhead Hair Colour Videos

7 training videos

Marmalade To Orange Blend Hairstyle Tutorial Video

12 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial is a seamless toned blend between a rich smooth marmalade with the fringe areas tipped in a velvet orange.

Zig Zag & V-Shaped Sections Hair Colouring Tutorial Video

21 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring technique compliments the graduation of Tim Hartley's geometrically contrasting shape by applying a gradient of colour from pale blonde, blonde, vivid gold and deep copper tones.

How To Do A Reverse Two Step Hair Colouring

35 minutes

Christiano Lanza's colouring tutorial uses a multi tonal technique to apply a lavish array of graded rich brunette and copper timbres.

Hello Halo Hair Colouring Tutorial

6 minutes

Bee Dixon's creative colouring tutorial balances a delicate flickering play between lighter and darker tones set against a fiery gold base colour.

How To Do A Full Head Black Tint Application

26 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colouring tutorial is an essential tinting technique to enhance texture with a full head black tint application.