Men's Short Graduated Haircuts

5 training videos

How To Cut A Men's Flat Graduated Pompadour With A Parting

35 minutes

Sarah Astley's men's haircut tutorial is a classic men's taliare, reminiscent of the iconic matinee idol.

How To Do A Flat Graduation With A Parting Men's Haircut

37 minutes

Jay Mahmood demonstrates a classic men’s haircut featuring flat graduation and a parting.

The final result is a quintessential flat graduated shape with a defined side parting. This is an interpretation of a classic look on very lively hair.

Square Graduation With Disconnected Parting Video Tutorial

34 minutes

Stelios Chondros’ men’s hair cutting tutorial demonstrates a square graduated shape with disconnection through the parting

Graduated Scissor And Clipper Over Comb On A Parting Video

33 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' haircut is a high and tight graduated shape with disconnection, featuring scissor and clipper-over-comb techniques.

Men’s Parting With A Razor Haircut Tutorial Video

29 minutes

Ivan Rodriguez of New York Barbershop demonstrates a men’s cut with a razor parting. This barbering tutorial features pointers on clippers-over-comb techniques and guards, blending, thinning and the placement and detail of line.