Intermediate Updo Video Tutorials

10 training videos

French Roll Hair Styling Tutorial

26 minutes

Sharon Blain’s tutorial demonstrates a basic French roll technique with a defined, suave silhouette

How To Do An Editorial French Pleat

20 minutes

Callam Warrington demonstrates a classic French pleat with an undone interior.

The Roll Updo Video Tutorial

18 minutes

Patrick Cameron’s long hair dressing and styling tutorial guides you through a basic heated roller set for a highly commercial, elegant, dressed shape.

How To Do A Wave Form Hairstyle Tutorial

21 minutes

Michel Zeytoun’s bridal hair tutorial features a glamorous bridal updo, with an extended head shape. Michel demonstrates ponytail placement, wave forms, pinning and smoothing.

Soft Curls Updo Hairstyle Video Tutorial

25 minutes

Michel Zeytoun's bridal tutorial demonstrates a timeless and classic bridal look featuring detailed step by step techniques covering the preparation, roller placement, tonging and pinning.