Blonde Hair Colour Videos

8 training videos

Full Head Bleach With Toner Tutorial Video

15 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial covers bleaching and toning in a disciplined easy to understand manner.

Pastel Silver Hair Colour with Accent of Lemon and Grey Tones

19 minutes

Victor Piccolotto’s colouring tutorial is a two-tone base of cool mushroom and silver blonde with an accent of lemon and grey tones.

Agyness Deyn Pale Blonde Hair Colouring

5 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colouring tutorial features a simple, soft, salon-friendly technique creating a point of interest and contrast.

Multi-Tonal Pastel Blonde Hair Tutorial

25 minutes

Romy Jugg’s tutorial demonstrates an application of a combination of warm blonde tones

Outline Water Shadows Pastel Hair Colour

19 minutes

Jo McKay's colouring process uses an oval shape through the top area to which she adds a soft raspberry pastel, a soft mushroom shadow and a pastel light violet blue softened with natural tones to achieve an effortless melt of pastel watercolours.