Gradient Colour
With Charmaine Piche, Catherine, Melissa Bourne and Jamie Harrison
Duration13 minutes
Skill levelAdvanced
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Charmaine Piche’s advanced tutorial guides you through a graduated colour technique using back to back slices to create a gradient of colour from dark to light. The technique is worked in three parts for ease and cleanliness with four colours, ranging from depth of level 10 to 7 and tones of red, orange and ash. These colours are arranged in three areas in different patterns to achieve a subtle gradient of colours. The result is a seamless transition from a warm and vibrant red to blonde, which defines and enhances the haircut’s graduation and complexity of lengths.

Technical skills

  • Back to Back Foil Technique
  • Barrier Cream
  • Bleaching / Lightener
  • Colour Placement Sectioning
  • Foil Placement
  • Permanent Colour
  • Roots / Regrowth to Mid-length Application
  • Slice Technique
  • Virgin Application
  • Weaving Technique


Contributor: Charmaine Piche
Model: Catherine
Make-Up Artist: Melissa Bourne
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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