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Dark On Dark Two Tone Hair Colour Tutorial

With Charmaine Piche
Duration18 minutes
Skill levelAdvanced
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Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial is a dark on dark two-tone colour to compliment and enhance the balance and shape of the 5-point haircut. The process includes a Level 4 Red/violet tone on the underneath section to define the disconnected area. A Dark element tone through the top area strengthens the shape of the fringe and the side points to bringing to shape together with complimentary colour. Finally the right hand side point area has a bleach section outlined which is then toned with a vibrant red/violet pure tone providing a rich burgundy colour with a luxurious yet robust feel.

Members can also find below a detailed step by step guide to two tone hair colouring.

Technical skills

  • Barrier Cream
  • Bleaching / Lightener
  • Block Angled Sectioning
  • Block Colour
  • Block Lightener
  • Colour Placement Sectioning
  • Permanent Colour
  • Pre-lightening
  • Shampoo
  • Toner


Contributor: Charmaine Piche
Model: Olga
Make-Up Artist: Louisa Inchenko
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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