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The Basics Of Providing Shaving Services

New York Barbershop’s tutorial covers the basic foundations for providing shaving services. Within the video is advice on using and maintaining tools and equipment, health and safety, skin preparation and aftercare. You can also download our step by step guide about the basics of providing a good shaving service.

How to do skin testing

Tracey Sajno’s lecture covers the essential skin test process. Testing is a necessary and vital part of any hairdressing business.

Male Grooming Shaving Services

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop demonstrates a classic shaving service with vital pointers on skin preparation, body position, blade angle and direction, first and second passes and outlines.

Client preparation for beauty therapy treatments

Find out the essential preparation for performing beauty services and preparing your work area for specific services in this foundation MHD video tutorial with Melissa Bourne.

How To Use Thread For Styling Hair

X-presion's tutorial demonstrates the use of an anti-skid thread unique to X-presion, developed by the company for session work.