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Round Layered Pixie Cut With Triple Elements Tutorial

Mazella&Palmer’s haircutting tutorial integrates a soft, round layered underneath curved with a disconnected fringe and a disconnected teardrop over the eye.

The Gherkin - Long Commercial Haircut

Lee Stafford’s long haircut is brilliant for women with long hair in the salon who want something different, but don't want any length lost.

Flat Triangular Layered Haircut With A Fringe Tutorial

Mazella&Palmer's haircut is a flat triangular layered shape with a fringe. The sectioning is simple to use on any texture or length, but it's the judgement of shape and angle for suitability which is key.

How To Do An Increased Layer Haircut

Tracey Hughes demonstrates a soft, salon friendly haircut, incorporating several classic layering techniques and over-direction.

Men's Basic Layer/Uniform Layer

Dale Ted Watkins' tutorial is a men's basic/uniform layer with a tailored fringe to achieve a versatile, masculine look.

Low Layered Bob Haircut Tutorial Video

Bastian Casaretto demonstrates a low layered bob haircut and provides essential tips on outline shape, over-direction, internal layering and fringe placement.

Uniform Layer Haircut Tutorial Video

Steve Turner’s haircutting tutorial demonstrates arguably the most essential technique in the book - the uniform layer haircut.

Long Disconnection

Dove Palmer of Mazella&Palmer’s haircut is a long disconnected shape combining undercutting and layering.

How To Do A Long Graduation Haircut With Low Fringe

Graham Oglesby's haircut is a long graduated shape starting with a controlled square outline below the shoulders.

How To Do A Long Loose Safety Razor Shape Haircut

Manfred Knol’s haircutting tutorial features a long safety razor cut, and includes invaluable pointers on sectioning, hand positioning, layering and razor angle