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Round Graduation With Circular Crown Disconnection

Alexander Dinter demonstrates a round graduated shape with disconnection through the top and a strong fringe. Techniques featured include sectioning, elevation, over-direction, disconnection and refining

Graduated Bias Haircut Tutorial Video

Graham Oglesby's tutorial is a simple graduated shape with a bias disconnection.

How To Cut A Triangular Graduation Haircut

Mazella&Palmer's haircut by Dove Palmer is a simple triangular graduated shape utilising the head shape.

How To Cut A Louise Brooks Inspired Bob Video Tutorial

Stacey Broughton's haircut is a 3-leveled bob infused with technical layering, loose disconnection and strong outlines, inspired by silent screen star Louise Brookes.

How To Do A Short Graduated Bob Haircut

Stacey Broughton’s short graduated bob haircut tutorial shows an absolute all-time salon great that teaches the need for balance and consistency in graduation.

Low Graduation with Undercut and Disconnection

Tracey Hughes demonstrates a low graduated round interior with effortless soft blends of disconnection.

Two Tiered Layered Round Disconnected Bob Haircut Tutorial

Stacey Broughton’s bob haircut incorporates two tiers for a beautifully crafted layered bob.

Graduated A-Line Disconnection with a Heavy Fringe

Tracey Hughes' haircut incorporates graduation, over-direction, disconnection and the placement of a heavy fringe.

Round Graduated 80s Bob Haircut Video Tutorial

Tim Hartley’s step by step hairdressing tutorial is an 80s inspired bob variation focusing on a rounded back and a clean open fringe area to frame the brow and eyes.

Layering, Graduation & Disconnection On Curly Hair Tutorial

Gary Woo demonstrates a haircutting technique combining round layering, graduation and disconnection on curly hair, featuring pointers on a build up of weight, diagonal sections, over-direction and controlling texture.