Short Round Layer Haircuts

9 training videos

Round Layering Haircut With Rectangular Disconnection Tutorial

34 minutes

Johnny Othona's tutorial is a commercial round layered technique, with rectangular disconnection placed on the parting to give a drop balance of length sweeping around the curved fringe.

Cutting A Round Layered Shape Tutorial

39 minutes

Johnny Othona's haircut is a shape incorporating round layering and rectangular disconnection. This is the second of two haircuts from the Allilon Aces collection

Vertical Braid & Short Weave Part 2

34 minutes

Michelle Thompson finishes her vertical braid and weave preparation on Afro Caribbean hair in part 2 of her hair extensions tutorial.

How To Do A Round Layer With An Undercut On Afro Hair

20 minutes

Tim Hartley's haircutting tutorial demonstrates a creative round graduated shape with an undercut on African Type 4 hair. Tim provides advice on outline shape, layering, over-direction and clipper work.