Women's Short Haircut Tutorial Videos

Learn to cut short hairstyles for women

Learn how to cut women’s short hairstyles with MHD’s online hairdressing training video tutorials. This category has a range of lessons on how to cut short haircuts for women using techniques including layering, graduation and disconnection.

Short hair for women never goes out of style and these hairstyles will ensure your short haired clients love you forever. Learn these techniques from some of the world’s most respected hairdressers including Stacey Broughton, Alexander Dinter and Bastian Casaretto, and many more.

12 training videos

Soft Graduation With Pivoted Triangular Layering

28 minutes

Bastian Casaretto's haircutting tutorial features soft graduation, with pivoting triangular layering. The final result is an affable, parlour perfect haircut customised with a snuggly fitted back and emancipated lengths to add texture and movement to the interaction of cool and warm shades.

How To Do A Combination Of One Length, Graduation & Layering

36 minutes

Alexander Dinter demonstrates a creative haircut featuring a combination of one length, graduation and layering with advice on hair quality, choice of technique, positioning of layering, methodology and suitability

Peggy Moffitt Inspired Internal Asymmetric Shape Video Tutorial

34 minutes

Graham Oglesby’s tutorial features pointers on over-direction, disconnection, internal asymmetry and external balance.

How To Do A 5-Point Haircut Video Guide

46 minutes

Stacey Broughton's haircut is his tribute to Vidal Sassoon and an interpretation of the iconic 5-point haircut.

How To Do An Editorial Wig Cut Tutorial

29 minutes

Cher Savery's tutorial is a a rock-inspired and textured editorial wig cut using a razor, thinning shears and scissors.