Shaving Tutorial Videos

MHD’s collection of online shaving tutorial videos teach a range of techniques and skills for the growing men’s grooming service sector. These tutorials are dedicated to the specialised skills a men’s barber requires when providing shaving services and are recommended for all those working as a barber or wishing to increase their salon services. Our tutorials cover in-depth traditional wet shave techniques, including those used in Europe and the US, as well as a traditional Turkish beauty wet shave for those looking for something a little more exotic. Male grooming and barbering has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, with more men growing beards and facial hair than ever before, and we have a wide range of techniques to provide a full service for the care and aftercare of men’s beards and skin. Featuring tutorials from leading barbers from the UK, the US, Turkey and the Netherlands, our barbering video section is the World’s leading resource for building the essential barbering and male grooming skills.

10 training videos

Chin Strap Beard

Chin Strap Beard Tutorial Video

25 minutes

MK’s barbering tutorial demonstrates a partial beard design incorporating a chinstrap and lip-line moustache.

male grooming shave

Demonstration On Male Grooming Shaving Tutorial Video

19 minutes

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop demonstrates a classic shaving service with vital pointers on skin preparation, body position, blade angle and direction, first and second passes and outlines.

Full beard outline

How To Do A Full Beard Outline

21 minutes

Erika Vera of The New York Barbershop’s barbering tutorial demonstrates a full beard outline and features pointers on perimeter outlines, clipper guard attachments, forehand and backhand techniques and product application.

Partial Beard

How To Do A Partial Beard With A Razor

16 minutes

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop demonstrates a traditional partial beard with clippers, clipper fade and razor. The video covers topics such as health and safety, dexterity, body and clipper position and contouring.

Traditional Wet Shaving

How To Do A Traditional Wet Shave

26 minutes

Sid Sottung's barbering tutorial is a men's traditional wet shave. Sid demonstrates the safe and correct method to use a straight razor including cutting angles and handling.