10 training videos
Chin Strap Beard

25 minutes

MK’s barbering tutorial demonstrates a partial beard design incorporating a chinstrap and lip-line moustache.

Male Grooming Shaving Services

19 minutes

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop demonstrates a classic shaving service with vital pointers on skin preparation, body position, blade angle and direction, first and second passes and outlines.

Traditional Wet Shave

26 minutes

Sid Sottung's barbering tutorial is a men's traditional wet shave. Sid demonstrates the safe and correct method to use a straight razor including cutting angles and handling.

Traditional Beauty Wet Shave

22 minutes

Salih Celebi’s shaving tutorial is a Traditional Turkish Beauty Wet Shave incorporating facial grooming of the beard area, above the beard outlines, side burns, eye brows and perimeter hairlines.

Partial Beard with a Razor

16 minutes

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop demonstrates a traditional partial beard with clippers, clipper fade and razor. The video covers topics such as health and safety, dexterity, body and clipper position and contouring.