Creative Haircuts Tutorial Videos

In the MHD creative haircuts video tutorials you will learn how to combine your hairdressing techniques to create beautiful haircuts with a twist. With hairdressing videos from some of the most inspiring hairdressers working today, these creative haircuts will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. The creative haircuts featured on MHD use a variety of techniques and combinations of skills to produce beautiful results that will transfer to your salon’s clients and give you an edge over your competition. All of the MHD creative hairdressing tutorials are brought to you by some of the world’s best hairdressers, including Stacey Broughton, Tim Hartley, Lee Stafford, Alexander Dinter and many more.

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The Valentina Mid-Length Layer Technique

How To Do The Valentina Mid-Length Layer Technique

18 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircutting tutorial demonstrates a pure and simple layered commercial shape.

How To Cut The Firefly Abstraction With Short Hair Tutorial

27 minutes

Tim Hartley's haircut is a shorter interpretation of the classic firefly abstraction, with a defining bowed fringe.

The Flip Chop, long hair, layered haircut, lee stafford

How To Do The Flip Chop Haircut Tutorial

10 minutes

Lee Stafford’s creative haircut for long hair, the Flip Chop is a simple, long, soft and sellable look for the salon.

Lee Stafford, education, haircut, hairstyle, training video

How to cut The Orange haircut tutorial

17 minutes

Lee Stafford’s creative haircut is feminine and free–spirited with a soft, light-as-air feeling to the shape.

Reversible Short Haircut Video Tutorial

The Widget Reversible Short Haircut

19 minutes

Lee Stafford’s women's short haircut is a reversible shape for multiple occasions