Creative Hair Cutting

37 training videos

26 minutes

Jazz Fosker’s tutorial features pointers on flat graduation, vertical sectioning, over-direction to maintain length and weight and disconnection.

10 minutes

Lee Stafford’s creative haircut for long hair, the Flip Chop is a simple, long, soft and sellable look for the salon.

Layering, Graduation and Disconnection on Curly Hair

29 minutes

Gary Woo demonstrates a haircutting technique combining round layering, graduation and disconnection on curly hair, featuring pointers on a build up of weight, diagonal sections, over-direction and controlling texture.

24 minutes

Tim Hartley’s haircut tutorial incorporates a bold fringe element running from the lip line towards the ears on both sides to achieve a simple modern urban silhouette.

30 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircut tutorial will help you with your body positioning when cutting and understanding layering.