Creative Hair Cutting

37 training videos
Low Graduation With Freehand On Type 4 Hair

22 minutes

Tim Hartley’s tutorial demonstrates a low graduated haircut with a freehand technique on type 4 African hair. Tim provides in-depth information on the importance of the internal structure, suitability and using the correct tension.

Layering, Graduation and Disconnection on Curly Hair

29 minutes

Gary Woo demonstrates a haircutting technique combining round layering, graduation and disconnection on curly hair, featuring pointers on a build up of weight, diagonal sections, over-direction and controlling texture.

Basic Concave Layer

30 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircut tutorial will help you with your body positioning when cutting and understanding layering.

31 minutes

Tim Hartley's haircut works with the natural texture and a high internal layered shape first, before working with his outlines to enhance the contours of his models face.

Graduated A-Line Disconnection with a Heavy Fringe

36 minutes

Tracey Hughes' haircut incorporates graduation, over-direction, disconnection and the placement of a heavy fringe.