Salon Creative Hair Colour Tutorials

The MHD creative hair colouring tutorials are suitable for experienced colourists seeking inspiration and to increase their skills with combinations of techniques and colour. Featuring some of the most respected colourists and exciting newcomers, the MHD creative colouring videos challenge your perceptions of colour and introduce you to the latest techniques. MHD is independent of any colour house, so our videos are not biased towards a particular system. Our experts include leading specialists from companies as diverse as L’Oreal Professional, Aveda, Wella, Davines and La Biosthetique. Watch online video training videos from colour experts such as Josh Wood, Tracy Hayes, Bruno Elorrioroz, Andrea Bennett, Charmaine Piche, Christiano Lanza and many more. Only MHD offers this much diversity and range of hair colouring techniques in high quality HD video.

42 training videos

The Widget Reversible Wrap Hair Colour

The Widget Reversible Wrap Hair Colour

19 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colour tutorial is a reversible wrap mixing pitch black, midtone browns, and a translucent ruby tone.

Two Tone Hair Colour

Two Tone Hair Colouring Tutorial Video

36 minutes

Sophie Dale's colouring technique produces a rich copper base supporting flashes of pretty pastel interlocking, dusty shades, lightly veiled with a metallic shimmer.

gold, blonde, red, hair colour

Hello Halo Hair Colouring Tutorial

6 minutes

Bee Dixon's creative colouring tutorial balances a delicate flickering play between lighter and darker tones set against a fiery gold base colour.

hair colouring video. dark hair, brown hair

The Orange Technique Hair Colour Application

12 minutes

Bee Dixon’s creative colouring tutorial combines a hue of smokey purple for high shine with a rich mocha brown.

Interlocking Pastel Shades Hairstyle

Interlocking Pastel Shades Hairstyle Tutorial Video

16 minutes

Andrea Bennett's tutorial is a fusion of soft tones from a pastel colour palette of strawberry, apricot, lavender and peach.