Creative Hair Colouring

42 training videos

13 minutes

Andrea Bennett’s tutorial demonstrates a creative shadow outline application featuring zig-zagged slices, colour choice and diffusion

6 minutes

Bee Dixon’s salon creative colour tutorial embraces the texture of the hair and enhances the disconnecting lengths of the cut with a soft caramel, broken up by a dark rich brown.

Two Tone Tint

36 minutes

Sophie Dale's colouring technique produces a rich copper base supporting flashes of pretty pastel interlocking, dusty shades, lightly veiled with a metallic shimmer.

Reverse Two Step

35 minutes

Christiano Lanza's colouring tutorial uses a multi tonal technique to apply a lavish array of graded rich brunette and copper timbres.

19 minutes

Jo McKay's colouring process uses an oval shape through the top area to which she adds a soft raspberry pastel, a soft mushroom shadow and a pastel light violet blue softened with natural tones to achieve an effortless melt of pastel watercolours.