Classic Mid-length Total Looks

8 training videos

Panel Colouring Dark Roots to Warm Tones

19 minutes

Bruno Elorrioroz's panel colouring technique uses a multi-level sectioning pattern, with three colours working from roots to ends, gradually going lighter by melting deep, rich colours to complement the natural colour of the hair, adding a deep aubergine, moving to a dark brown with red and violet and finishing with a golden, rich brown.

Triangle Layered Haircut Below Shoulders With a Fringe Tutorial

40 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's haircut is a triangular shape with a flat back, movement in the crown and length through the front.

Fine Detailed Slicing With A Herringbone Technique

28 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's colouring tutorial demonstrates a fine detailed slicing using a herringbone technique and autumnal colours