Classic Mens Total Look Tutorials

12 training videos

How To Do A Virgin Tint Application On Men's Hair

16 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s men’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a virgin tint application - read more >>

How To Do A Short Clipper Flat Top Haircut

28 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins’ men’s haircut is the second of his two flat tops. This a short version executed with clipper-over-comb techniques.

Men’s Virgin / Partial Beard Colouring Tutorial

20 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s colouring tutorial is an all over solid colour to the haircut, with added partial tones to the beard for a complete look.

How To Cut A Smart Skater Boy Haircut

30 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a masterclass in barbering techniques that teaches the control of graduation.

How To Apply A Flat Matte Blue Green Colour On Men's Hair

20 minutes

Andreas Kurkowitz‘s tutorial is a subtle muted blue/green flat, matt tone to enhance the masculinity and shape of the haircut.