Nail Art Tutorial Videos

9 training videos

How to do an animal-pattern nail art application using stripping and dotting

10 minutes

Find out how the simple placement of lines and dots can create an animal pattern design in this foundation MHD nail art step-by-step.

How to do nail art using tri-colour marbling with Fimo slices

13 minutes

Discover the coveted nail art marbling technique in our tri-coloured marbling with the addition of Fimo slices in this foundation MHD nail art tutorial.

How to make a fashion statement with nail art techniques

11 minutes

Explore a variety of nail art applications that celebrate playful fashion looks in this foundation MHD tutorial with nail artist Deborah Carrington. Deborah demonstrates foiling, striping, dotting and the application of Fimo slices.

Nail art 2D and 3D design video tutorial

2 minutes

This foundation nail art tutorial explores the ideas of 2D and 3D design with nail artist Deborah Carrington. The tutorial delves into topics on the creative processes, planning, resources, method and techniques.

Nail art step-by-step on foiling with rhinestones

8 minutes

Learn to apply foil as part of a nail art design as well as the appropriate placement of rhinestones as further ornamentation in this foundation MHD nail art tutorial.