Men's Hair Colouring

12 training videos

17 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s tutorial demonstrates a men’s grey tone at the backwash using a quick application technique and a clear explanation of colour choice and suitability.

Men’s Virgin / Partial Beard Application

20 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s colouring tutorial is an all over solid colour to the haircut, with added partial tones to the beard for a complete look.

Half Head Foils/Lowlights

36 minutes

Christiano Lanza demonstrates men's hair colouring with a half head of foils using a double herringbone foiling technique and an application of toner.

20 minutes

Andreas Kurkowitz's tutorial is a subtle muted blue green flat, matt tone to enhance the masculinity and shape of the haircut.

Half Head of Foils

9 minutes

Bee Dixon’s men’s colour is a rooty, sun kissed look using half a head of slices