Make-up Tutorials

Learn the basics of make-up application

Learn some secrets of professional make-up artists with these tutorials by MHD’s MUA Melissa Bourne and longtime fashion make-up artist Paul Seaman. Learning these tutorials will give you an insight into how make-up is applied and used for a range of looks, and demonstrate creative looks for photo shoots and formal events. Hairdressers regularly work with MUAs as part of the creative team on photographic shoots and backstage at fashion shows and understanding their practices will enable you to work alongside them better. Similarly, if you intend to shoot collections or put on demonstrations at trade events or hair shows, understanding their craft will provide you with the ability to communicate your ideas better or even takeover if they do not turn up!

7 training videos

How to create a butterfly face-paint look

22 minutes

This tutorial explores face-painting based on a theme. You will learn how to transfer a 2D butterfly design onto a 3D head-block.

How to do a themed face paint look celebrating culture

13 minutes

Explore creating pattern and design on a painted mask to celebrate culture with a masculine commedia dell'arte look.